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food pantry worcester ma – First of all: If you have a pantry, you’re so blessed. Pantry company will be easy for you. If you don’t have an “official” pantry; not to stress, dedicate a nearby cupboard for kitchen provides, pantry staples and storage. You will likely have to purchase some kind of shelving for this particular “personally-designed” pantry.

Of course, as with all de-cluttering and company; you will have to remove all the items in your pantry first. Sorry, but pantry company follows all the exact organizational rules, but take it in small, do-able steps and you will be organized in no time.

1. Throw away the old and/or relocate those items that found their way to your pantry which don’t belong there.

2. Wipe out the shelves; lineup them with contact paper, even if you prefer, for easy clean-up.

3. Store like items together; attempt not to over-stuff.

4. Shop all of your heavy items at the bottom shelf or floor of the pantry — would not wish to ruin your nice shelves with too much weight.

5. Use air-tight storage containers liberally for pantry staples.

6. Place snacks or kid-friendly items low enough to allow the children to achieve them when necessary, and so they could help unpack the groceries or help in the kitchen getting supplies.

7. When unloading groceries, try not to push items in your pantry in an effort to make it fit.

8. You may designate a place for junk and items that just don’t fit right anywhere else. I typically set a basket on the floor of my pantry to “catch” items such as that — I put a bag of onions, a sack of potatoes and rice should be opened in there also. It gives elegance to pantry company.

9. For many grocery store and pantry items, clip coupons in your Sunday paper inserts, grocery store fliers and use them to save money when stocking your pantry. Stock up on these items which are on sale and that you use regularly.

Things to keep in your pantry:

1. Spices:
Spices are really expensive, so get as you proceed and want them. Of course, salt and pepper are crucial; and then purchase other people as your recipe requires them. You may save money if you purchase in bulk, especially those spices that you use often; but the initial outlay could be a bit costly.

2. Keep items in your pantry which may be employed to prepare a fast meal with brief notice.
The simplest meal for me is spaghetti and my family enjoys it, so you will always find spaghetti fixings in my pantry — either the ingredients to make sauce or pre-made sauce, noodles and parmesan cheese (refrigerator storage). At the same time, I keep some ground sausage or chicken inside my freezer to increase the sauce or serve on the other side to accommodate the beef haters in my family.

I really prefer to keep pantry staples for several possible meals in the ready “just in case.” I always have a jar of pesto, mushrooms, pasta, macaroni and cheese, refried beans, canned chicken, tuna, peanut butter and jelly, cans of kidney, fruit and/or pinto beans for chili, and usually a smattering of “cream of’s” are in there also.

That’s how you want to think when stocking your pantry. Consider the foods your family likes to eat and foods made in a rush — inventory those items as you can afford them. Your pantry staples may differ, but should meet your family’s unique tastes.

Additionally, it is nice to inventory a couple of dishes to create for a buddy if they are in need. I arrived home one day after grocery shopping and my oldest daughter had left bread and soup (refrigerator cookies) for our neighbor who’d learned her grandma died. As a stay at home mom, this is one area the children and I could serve and help others. It taught the children a good lesson in giving.

3. Stock in your pantry:

  • White flour
    Whole wheat berry
    White sugar
    Brown sugar
    Baking powder
    Baking soda
    Powdered sugar
    Nuts and seeds

Again, gear these pantry staples toward your family’s needs and tastes. Your items will grow as your recipe base grows and your family establishes a pattern of favorites.

4. I always have chocolate chips in inventory, but I keep them in the freezer. Depending on where you live, you may want to keep seeds & nuts from the freezer for freshness also. Well, that should get you started with your pantry fundamentals coupled with some simple pantry company. To the journey.

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