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obsidian countertop prices – Bamboo countertops can be a outstanding alternative for everybody who is interested in replacing their existing counters with a new, eco friendly alternative. There are lots of fantastic reasons to consider bamboo, we will go over them all here.

What Makes Bamboo Countertops Green?

Some of the many uses bamboo has from the building trades comprise, countertops, cabinets, flooring and furniture. There are also programs of bedding and clothing cloth. It is green as it is extremely renewable. Some varieties used for building products, grow up to a foot every day! There is not any tree which comes anywhere close to that, and because of this, it is a great deal more eco friendly to use than traditional wood products.

Bamboo Products are Very Long-Lasting:

In contrast to popular view, bamboo is truly a strong building material. It is regarded as at least as long-lasting as most hardwoods, and stronger than many others. This usually means that you could expect your bamboo countertops to endure for many, many years. And because of this durability, it creates bamboo even more eco friendly than other substances less demanding, that need replacement every few years.

Recyclable Attributes of Bamboo:

As great as bamboo is, it gets even better, as it is extremely recyclable. Products could be recycled after their life cycle is completed, are saved from getting into the landfill, and therefore, they’re extremely green.

The Way Bamboo Countertops Are Produced:

Bamboo countertops are essentially produced in a couple of special ways. Which one you will ultimately decide on will depend more frequently than not on your personal preference. The initial sort of bamboo countertops are actually a kind of laminate. To create this eco-friendly item, manufacturers start with making cross-brand laminates that they predict multilam. Little pieces of bamboo are then glued together to produce the planks. Once each of the different planks are constructed, they’re all glued together with a formaldehyde-free, non-toxic adhesive. Once the countertops are delivered to the jobsite and set up, they will most likely need to to have a finish sealer applied. Utilize a low VOC sealer to keep your countertops eco friendly, and as green as you can.

End-Grain bamboo is an alternative method of fabricating countertops. The end grain bamboo is glued together just enjoy the boards. But, rather than creating planks of extended bamboo, the manufacturers of end-grain bamboo countertops create them out of rectangular pieces of bamboo. They’re glued together similar to the boards and a finish sealer is added.

What is the Cost of Bamboo Countertops?

The cost of bamboo is relatively cheap when compared to that of granite or solid surface countertops. The plank-type countertops start at roughly $35 psf for material only, and the end-grain kinds of counters price right around $22 psf, again material only. This is a job for your professional countertop installer and you should only try this job if you are extremely handy. The reason for this is that a typical countertop installation requires many specialized cuts, and that’s generally a job for an expert countertop installer.

Care of Bamboo is extremely straightforward. Since these counters have a finish applied, it is important not to set hot items directly in your bamboo countertops. Because bamboo is basically a wood product, you should avoid cutting directly on the counter surface too. The finish along with the counter surface could be damage with knives. Not only the green properties, but the beauty and fair price make bamboo an attractive option for your countertops. Bamboo is a beautiful and also a cost effective option to classic wood and the priciest composite or natural stone countertops.

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