rust oleum countertop coating colors


rust-oleum-countertop-coating-colors rust oleum countertop coating colors

rust oleum countertop coating colors – If a full size kitchen or bathroom remodel just isn’t in your budget, you may still get a modern, updated appearance for your countertops. Countertop paint is among the most recent and most cost-effective tactics to rapidly and radically alter the appearance of the countertops in your kitchen or bathtub. You can restore and revive the expression of your outdated laminate countertops, in many different shades and finishes, including granite. If you’ve always thought that a countertop remodel was out of reach, think again and try starting your transformation this weekend.

Countertop paint can definitely be a do-it-yourself endeavor. If you aren’t the do-it-yourself kind, find a professional paint contractor who has worked with these types of projects previously and may show you some pictures of past projects. If you pick a one-color application, an average sized countertop can be renewed for approximately $70. There are a variety of colors offered from the single color merchandise, and also the granite option comes in several colors as well including chocolate, sapphire blue, green, sand as well as red granite seems. A number of patterns and color grade might be accomplished with the exact same pair of countertop paint based upon your application procedure.

Wondering how long this job will take? It’s a lot simpler and faster than you think to apply it. Achieving a granite appearance will require as few as 4 hours for a normal size (approximately 35 square feet) countertop. These striking countertop paints additionally seal out moisture, are low odor and water established. In addition, the kits offer you just about all you want to successfully alter your countertops including a high-grade clear finish coat and associated rollers, foam applicators and a step by step instructional DVD. On average, for most countertop paint fittings, it’s recommended that you wait 3 days prior to using your newly painted countertops. Plan accordingly as you might not need to initiate a job like this within a vacation time period or when high use of your kitchen or bath countertops are expected.

Countertop paint sets are offered by many different manufacturers. Check reviews and websites before you buy to judge simple of application for every kit and long-term operation. Some manufacturers offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantees for their merchandise. Kits can be seen in popular discount superstores in addition to online. Check around to find the lowest prices. Remember that while you recently painted countertops might seem like granite, they are still laminate beneath, which means you should continue to use trivets or protective pads prior to putting very hot things on your countertops. However, some countertop paint coating kits do provide a heat-resistant surface that’s also safe to come in contact with food.

Here are some essential measures, tips and items you might need before you begin.

  • Work in a well ventilated area with temperatures of approximately 70 degrees or so. You might require an orbital sander or use the sand paper supplied with your kit, and apply by hand, to sand down your existing countertops.
  • Have loads of clean rags on hand to wash down your face and remove dust. Use paper to tape off any areas such as flooring that you wish to protect from paint drips.
  • Always use recommended content and material that comes with your kit for cleanup of recommended application tools.
  • Employ countertop paint base coat with squeegee or recommended applicator per your enclosed instructions.
  • Employ decorative scents or other ornamental elements, and allow to dry each manufacturer’s instructions.
  • After recommended drying time, you might have to sand lightly to remove any loose flakes or to smooth the surface, always check certain instructions for your application type.
  • Blend countertop paint top coat and employ closely and evenly using recommended applicator (rollers are usually used). Don’t over-roll or this will create air bubbles.

Whether you’re just plain tired of your laminate countertops and care to modify the color of these, or are trying to hide minor cosmetic flaws such as scratches on your countertops or you also would like to give your kitchen or bath a upgraded look without spending a fortune, countertop paint will be the answer you’ve been looking for. Depending on the kind and brand of kit you purchase, some of these paints may take a lifetime and/or 100% satisfaction warranty. The clear coat finish adds a boost of glow and offers a durable protective coating to your countertops that are revived.

If you’ve been dreaming of fresh countertops for quite a while but a Corian or Granite makeover just isn’t in your budget, definitely consider revamping your tired laminate or Formica countertops today for this exciting new product. Not only is it inexpensive and simple to do yourself, but the outcomes are lasting and stunning. Colours can be mixed to suit any d├ęcor and fashion. Who knows? Your guests could be so impressed with you experience, that they might decide to change their own countertops too.

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